V.A. Medical System Staggers as Chaos Engulfs Its Leadership

At first, it was one doctor quitting the tiny Ukiah Veterans Affairs Outpatient Clinic in Northern California. Then another left, and another, until of the five doctors there a year ago, only one remained.

The Veterans Choice Act, passed by Congress amid scandalous stories of hidden waiting lists at Veterans Affairs hospitals, allowed more veterans to get care from private providers, but it created an avalanche of paper at Veterans Affairs facilities as outside doctors sent in information on patients. Veterans Affairs doctors had to enter so many medical records manually into the aging department health records system that it crippled their ability to see patients.

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Al Olszewski is a veteran and he is also running for US Senate from Montana in 2018.  Al has a unique perspective on veteran’s health issues being in the Navy  for 13 years and a physician for over 20 years.  Read about Al’s solutions below:


Our veterans deserve better service from our government. These men and women have sacrificed for our country. Despite multiple attempts by our nation’s capital, the Veterans Administration continues to over-promise and under- deliver.  This issue will not be solved until Congress is serious about fundamentally changing the culture of how we provide service to our veterans. As a veteran and a prior military physician, Dr. Olszewski will champion a veterans’ healthcare system that focuses on the expedited treatment of our wounded warriors and transition our veterans’ routine medical needs to their local community healthcare systems.

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