Public Lands

Al Olszewski wants state and federal lands to be managed properly.  Poor management of Federal, public lands has resulted in 24 devastating fires,  causing the decimation of 1.26 million acres in 2017, and that’s just in Montana.  Uncontrollable forest fires cause considerable damage to the native wildlife; while causing untold damage to the health of every person who breaths the toxic smoke.

In order to successfully manage public lands,  Al believes three criteria need to be met:

  • Increase the number of Montanans who are able to make a living and provide for their families through the management of our public lands.
  • Increase access to Montana’s public lands for Montanans to hunt, fish, and recreate.
  • Turn our lands from a liability to a viable asset that produces revenue for our local towns and counties to provide infrastructure and public schools.

Al knows that selling public lands is a false narrative. The real issue is who controls access and management of public lands within our state. The federal government should look to Montanans to understand our unique needs and on how to manage our lands.