Elections Have Consequences

Verdell Jackson               Kalispell, MT


Dr. Al Olszewski has my vote for U.S. Senate because of his stand on health & veteran’s care, national defense, and property and water rights.  Al believes our state and federal constitutions are to be always followed.   Therefore, he does not support the CSKT Compact.  It is unconstitutional to take all the water rights owned by individuals on the Reservation and give them to the Tribe and to provide Off-reservation tribal water rights to manage water flow which depreciates the value of property of thousands of people.

Both Russ Fagg and Troy Downing have stated that they support the Compact because it was a negotiated settlement by the Montana legislature and would prevent years of litigation over water rights.  Both statements are incorrect.  First, there was no negotiation.  The legislature could not amend the Compact.  Second, in adjudication the Water Court would sort and manage the filed off-reservation water rights on degree of similarity and legal validity.  Each case (group of individuals) would be issued an order.  Judge McElyea has indicated he would use the same procedure.

Matt Rosendale cannot be elected, as Republications would lose control of the Montana Land Board because Tim Fox is very influenced by the Governor.

Randy Brodehl is the most qualified candidate for county commissioner because of his financial and management experience as a legislator and success in business. Gary Krueger supports the CSKT compact.

My pick for sheriff is Calvin Berringer because he has the most experience and is active in many organizations and David Dunn for HD 9 and Robert Welzel for HD 7.

Please vote for the following Precinct incumbents if you see them on your Republican ballot:  McGregor Rhodes, Heidi Roedel and Donald (Mark) RoedelAleyna Raymond and Jolene Regier are also good choices.




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