Al Olszewski: The Clear Choice in Opposition to the CSKT Water Compact

Western Montana Water Rights               5.20.2018

(Catherine Vandemoer, Ph.D.)  One of the most disappointing elements of this year’s primary election in Montana is the extent to which candidates who claim they support the CSKT Compact know nothing about it.  Recall that in 2015 a question was asked on the House floor whether anyone in that body had read the compact.  Only 3 representatives raised their hands. Thus, the Montana legislature’s vote, in addition to being unconstitutional for lack of a supermajority, was also uninformed.

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Al Olszewski is running for US Senate in 2018 from Montana.  Al is a statesman who stands for not only the US Constitution, but the Montana Constitution as well.  And, for the record, Al has taken the Oath to defend both.  Hear why Al Olszewski is the only real choice for US Senate in 2018.

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