ObamaCare Update: Double Digit Premium Hikes?

The Hill                5.16.2018

The ObamaCare premium wars are back.

The cost of health insurance plans on the ObamaCare exchanges could jump in the coming weeks, some by double digits, inflaming the issue ahead of the midterm elections.

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Al Olszewski is running for US Senate in 2018 from the state of Montana.  Al is no fan of Obamacare.  Get Al’s take on things below.  Check it out…

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Here Is Trump’s Blueprint For Lowering Drug Prices

Zero Hedge               5.11.2018


With Trump set to unveil his vision for lowering drug prices as part of his “American Patients First” initiative, moments ago the department of Health and Human Services released a blueprint plan on drug prices.

While the full 44 page report is at the back here is the summary of how Trump hopes to lower drug prices:

  • Increased Competition
  • Better Negotiation
  • Incentives for Lower List Prices
  • Lowering Out-of-Pocket Costs

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Al Olszewski is running for US Senate in 2018 from Montana.  Al is a Physician and knows more about healthcare and medications than all the other candidates combined.  Hear about Al’s plan below.


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Health care leaders, patients sound off on rising costs

Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., convened a panel of local health care leaders and patients in St. Louis on Friday to get a sense of issues affecting them.

The discussion mainly focused on the hurdles to affordable care and how rising costs affect treatment and access to care.

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Al Olszewski is running for US Senate from Montana in 2018.  See Al’s plan to fix Healthcare below.

Health Care

We all know that healthcare is failing. If you pay for your insurance, it’s unaffordable. If the government pays for your healthcare, it’s inaccessible. The main reason for this colossal failure is due to the excessive, intrusive, and burdensome regulations put in place by Affordable Care Act.

As a physician and a legislator, Al’s strategy for reforming our healthcare system consists of three parts:

    • Immediate healthcare regulation reform.
    • Repeal of the Affordable Care Act.
    • The development of a new healthcare system utilizing a bipartisan approach.

The only way to achieve true, long-lasting healthcare reform requires that all stakeholders be involved in the process starting with the patient, the providers, the payers, and the regulators of our healthcare system. As your US senator, Al Olszewski will champion this approach.

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